Paper Machine Dryers - Cast Iron and Steel

Spinnaker supplies paper machine dryers in cast iron and steel with ASME coded pressure ratings up to 150 PSIG. Spinnaker engineers are trained by the Hartford Steam Boiler Association in ASME design of pressure vessels; specifically paper machine dryers and dryer heads. From 36" to 72" diameters with face widths to 250", Spinnaker is your best source for replacement dryers and dryer heads. Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a proposal.


cast dryer


A good dryer cylinder casting requires good alloys and exacting quality control procedures throughout the molding and casting process.


paper machine dryer cylinder

Precision Machining

Each cast dryer cylinder is precision bored and ground to ensure uniform wall thickness and concentricity. The cylinder is then NDT tested to ensure shell integrity.

dryer heads

Dryer Heads

Dryer heads are cast, precision machined and assembled to the machined shell. We also supply replacement dryer heads for all other OEM dryer cylinders including Black Clawson, Rice Barton, GL&V, Beloit, Valmet and Voith.

paper machine dryer


Each complete dryer cylinder is 3-plane balanced according to G1.5 specifications at 20% over the design speed.


ASME dryer

ASME Certification

Every dryer assembly is pressure tested according to ASME standards, witnessed and certified by an ASME inspector. Certification documents are provided to the customer.

dryer cylinder


All dryers are protected and carefully packed for transportation. Spinnaker manages all aspects of shipment from the factory to the mill loading dock.

steel dryer cylinder

Steel Dryers

Steel paper machine dryers are equivalent to cast iron dryers in construction integrity, maximum pressures, and cost. They have advantages in weight and uniform heat transfer. Contact us to discuss steel dryers and/or receive a quote.

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paper machine steel dryer



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