Spinnaker is a leading North America  designer and supplier of calender rolls for paper machine calenders, super calenders, hot/soft calenders, and other paper manufacturing and finishing processes. From application engineering through casting, machining, shipping, installation and after sales service, Spinnaker is  your best source for calender rolls.

Rolls are produced in castings or forgings

Quality Control is a Core Criteria

Precision machining in clean-room like conditions.


Peripherally drilled roll for liquid circulation

S-Roll, Nipco, Sym, and Beloit CC roll Shells

   All Casting & Machining done in one Facility

Spinnaker also provides rebuilds of Farrel, Farrel-Kusters and Hunt & Moscrop S-rolls (swimming rolls) as well as Valmet Sym Rolls and Voith Eco-NIp rolls.

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